Frequently Asked Questions & Answers From the WadeRV Experts Q: What makes your roller shades different from the competition? A: There are basically 3 main manufacturers of RV roller shades. Each of these companies are competing for a share of the RV manufacturer demand for roller shades. Customers have told the RV manufacturers that the old style pleated day/night shades are not wanted anymore. This has resulted in a complete change in our industry. Now everything from a custom built million-dollar bus to a small trailer comes with roller shades. As with most manufacturing business today, when dealing with large scale RV production, price wins every time. The roller shade manufacturers have done everything possible to make their products cheaper every year. With RV warranties only lasting 1 year on average, producing a cheap unreliable product hasn’t hurt them very much. Our approach is much different. We have sought out the most reliable products available and when we couldn’t find a high-quality component – we made it. The result: The absolutely toughest roller shades available. You might think this would cost you more as our customer, but it doesn’t. Since we are the factory and install our shades at no charge, you will definitely not pay more than our competition. Q: Why are wheel covers so important? A: There are basically two things that make you replace the tires on your RV. Wear and the elements. On most class A motor homes the manufacturer installs heavy duty commercial tires. As you can imagine, these tires are designed to carry a lot of weight and go for many miles (much more than your typical automobile tires). This comes at considerable cost. Commercial tires can cost many times more than standard tires. The fact is that you are very unlikely to wear them out because most RV’s are not seeing more than a few thousand miles a year. Your biggest adversary is the elements. Keeping the sun from beating down on your expensive tires will definitely extend their useful life. Wheel covers are the best way to prevent sun damage to your tires. Tire protectants can do only so much against the sun but wheel covers all but eliminate the harmful effects of the sun. Q: What are the benefits of solar screens? A: Solar screens are typically installed on the windshield and two side windows of a class A motor home. If your coach is a front entry model, the window on your door takes the place of a side window. The basic kit mentioned above is a 3pc item. When installed, these screens keep a tremendous amount of heat from ever entering your coach. If you have curtains on inside roller shades, these tend to trap heat in and the air between the fabric and windshield becomes super-heated. In addition to heat reduction, you gain daytime privacy. You can see out clearly but no one can see inside your coach. This way you can keep an eye on your personal items outside the coach (bikes, car, pets, children) without having to close your curtains. Q: How can I get a set of your custom entry mats? A: We literally have made thousands of custom mats for motor homes over the years. They certainly are a must if you want to keep your floors clean. Because each coach is hand made and basically one-of-a-kind, each unit has to be measured individually. Even if you have 2 coaches with the same model, year and floorplan, they will be different. If you are in a position to visit our location, we would measure your coach and build a custom set. If you cannot make it here we will be happy to send you a pre-cut plastic template to check your coach. Just compare our template, make any needed changes and send it back to us. We can ship the finished product to your door. Q: I have some damage on my leather sofa, what can I do? A: Depending on the location and severity of the damage, we may be able to perform a repair. Our process uses a multi-step process in which we repair the damage and color it to make it disappear. Afterwards a sealant is used to provide protection. In the event the damage is too great or its otherwise not a good candidate for repair we can usually just replace the damaged panels. Q: My coach came with a clear film on the front. It’s all cracked up now. What can we do? A: You are not alone. Many years ago, RV manufacturers were approached by a company (not going to mention their name…) and sold on them on the idea that if their product was installed on the front of their coaches before they left the factory, they (clear film company) would warranty the paint on the front end. It was appealing to the manufacturer because at the time they were paying dearly for rock chips on the front that occurred on the trip to the dealerships. Q: How long does it take to have custom stainless steel added to my coach? A: Typically, it takes 3 weeks from your approval to finished installation to have custom stainless steel added to your coach.

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